Each of these projects was for Elite Signs and Graphics which is a local vinyl sign shop in Morton, Illinois. I designed a 2018 senior class t-shirt for Morton High School, a moving postcard for clients of Elite, and a vinyl wrap design for one of the trucks used during installations. I produced each one of these projects in Adobe Illustrator and had to make each one to scale because of their varying product dimensions.

For the shirt, I had to lay out everything on a shirt template and design it to the dimensions of what would look best on the t-shirt. The postcard was made to the scale of a normal U.S. sized postcard. And the truck was designed to the actual dimensions of the vehicle using a template. The postcard had specifics for what the client wanted including all the dates, locations, and the overall look of the card.

I was however given total creative freedom on the t-shirt and the vinyl wrap truck, and the clients were all very pleased with the finished designs. The high school used the shirts for their graduating class, and Elite Signs used the postcards, and the truck wrap is currently being printed and installed on one of their installation vehicles.