GoFar Activewear was a company started by my best friend and myself. We started the company to provide modern activewear to inspire confidence while doing one’s favorite workout. We provided hats, bags, shirts, hoodies, and joggers all themed towards, running, weightlifting, and golfing.

I created the website, the logos for each section of the brand, and all the different clothing options. For the website, I created it in Shopify and made all the logos and the mockups in Adobe Illustrator. Along the way, I had to decide the layout of the website and how each customer would interact with the product.

I also had to mockup each design as well as determine how each shirt would look like on a buyer. The final product was very successful, the company did very well for quite some time. Overall, the design of the website and the products increased traffic sales and brought many new customers to the company.