Helping hands is a 360° augmented reality social impact concept designed to improve the lives of patients living in a nursing home. Overall, I found that the patients and the nursing homes want a system that is customizable, easy to use, safe, and allows the patient to be more independent. Patients want to have a human-like alert system that will notify them when to take medications, to eat, to exercise, and when special events are taking place. Many want a security feature and an option to have 24/7 camera monitoring or a motion detection system to tell when someone has fallen or collapsed. All have agreed this is not a total replacement for Certified Nursing Assistants but rather a safety and productivity tool. Most elderly can run a simple phone or send an email, so the system would have to be very basic, intuitive, and elderly-friendly. Patients also want to have privacy but also have the convenience of a system like this at their fingertips.


The main aim of this mixed reality experience is to help the elderly in nursing homes live a more independent lifestyle by providing reminders and personal agenda items. Generally given by staff members, this
mixed reality experience would also give the user with a schedule for medications, for eating individual meals, and planning out daily activities. Overall, this diverse reality experience would help the elderly live a healthier and more independent lifestyle. The main benefits the elderly would receive are a customizable program that will take into account their
health needs and create a plan that is best for the user. It would also aid in helping the elderly receive the correct medication and food and provide daily reminders allowing them to live without being supervised. If users do need medical attention, the system would also immediately notify personnel in the case of an emergency.


This app will be for the elderly living in nursing homes where either staff is limited or would like more freedom. Users will be those who want the help of a Certified Nursing Assistant but also have the freedom as if still living in their own home. This app would also be for those who want an easy to use the application, designed for keeping track of one’s schedule. The users would want to use this mixed reality experience because it gives them ease of mind while still being easy to use. Users would be motivated to use this program since it would be easier to take care of one’s health, help with living a healthier lifestyle, and be a safety tool. The major pain points this app will alleviate would be reducing the amount of dependence one patient has on a nurse. It would also remind the user to do a particular task on time without having to wait for a nurse or an unknown circumstance taking place. Moreover, this experience would alert nurses if a patient slips and falls or collapses and needs immediate medical attention.


This app will be a new, revolutionary technology for those in nursing homes. It will also give the elderly more confidence and independence as if they were still living in their own home. The app will accomplish the above goal by having an easy to use, customizable, interface that shows all the user’s vital information. It will also give notifications when the user needs to take medication, eat, or exercise. This app will also perform safety alerts in case of an emergency.